Bikini Accents

Spice up your beach look with bikini accents! No one ever said a bikini had to consist only of fabric. There are numerous bikini accents that are now being designed that add loads of style and personality to a suit. Think beads, stones, sequins, embroidery, ribbons, lace, crystals, wood and even metal. All these unique trims are being added to bikinis to help you stand out even more at the beach! Depending on your style and the look you’re going for, you can certainly find a bikini with just a little or lots of flair. It’s only a matter of spending some time to find exactly what you have in mind. To help you out, this page is full of suggestions of how to add some serious style to your beach attire.

Not all patterns are created equal. Some are dyed right into the fabric, some are printed on and others, like this red one, are created by beads. Tiny little beads of different shapes, sizes and colors are sewn on to create a textured pattern and a truly remarkable bikini. From far away it might look like a simple pattern, but closer up you can tell that it’s made by beads.

Like bikini accents that are a little more obvious? Then you can’t go wrong in a sequin bikini. Every inch of this particular suit has a sequin on it to really let you shine in the sun!

Many bikinis are now featuring o-rings as accents. There are all sorts of sizes and sometimes they’re not even O-shaped! Some are made of crystals, wood, metal and bamboo, and come in square shapes, loops and even in chain links.

Ladies Beachwear

Most women prefer throwing on a tank top and shorts to cover-up their bikini. When it comes to ladies’ beachwear though, don’t forget you have lots of options available. A lightweight, flowing caftan is a popular cover-up option to don over your swimsuit. This robe-like garment comes in various lengths and has large, billowing sleeves. With certain styles there’s a button or tie closure at the waist, others its a pull-over with a drawstring tie. If you just want to cover your legs, consider the sarong. This super simple wrap is shaped like a flat sheet. Just wrap it around your waist like a towel, then tie the ends into a knot.

Bikini Jewelry

Just because you’re going to the beach or heading to the pool doesn’t mean you have to leave your jewelry and accessories behind. In fact, wearing some simply pieces with your bikini can add heaps of style to your already minimal outfit. Try a beaded necklace, simple earrings or, if you’re not worried about tan lines, a bangle or cuff. Silver and gold bikini jewelry instantly liven up a bikini, while colored beads or stones work wonders to brighten up your suit. What you accessorize with depends on your bikini, of course. If your bikini is a solid color, go for jewelry pieces that are multicolored. If your bikini is a colorful print, stick with a simple silver or gold. Of course, these aren’t rules set in stone. Just find a look you like to play up your bikini!

Bikini Styles

With all the different bikini styles out there and even more being designed, it can be difficult to figure out what looks best. Like any other article of clothing we shop for, it’s a matter of spending time in the fitting room and trying things on. When it comes to bikinis, it helps to have an good friend on hand and a three-way mirror. Start with your basic bikini tops: the triangle, halter or bandeau. If you’re small on top, the triangle and bandeau are your best options. If you’re busty, opt for the supportive halter top. As for bottoms, the basic brief has fun alternatives like the string bikini with side ties or even lace-up versions, but the overall shape and coverage is essentially the same. If you want more coverage, try the boy short. If you want to spice things up and show a little more skin, consider a sexy Brazilian style.

Bikini Care

If you’re like most women, finding the perfect bikini that looks great and fits in all the right places is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But when you do come across that perfect suit, take steps to make sure it has the longest life possible. There are two thing to remember about swimsuits: they don’t like heat and they don’t like chemicals. If you wear your suit in the water, regardless if it’s at the beach or pool, rinse off if those open public showers are available. Salt water and chlorine can slowly start to degrade your suit over time but simply rinsing it away will do a lot of good. If you change out of your suit but it’s still wet, don’t roll it up in a towel. The moisture trapped in the fabric will generate heat which will eventually wear out your suit’s elasticity. When it comes to cleaning your suit, it’s best to hand wash. Use mild soap and water, wring it out and hang it up to air dry.

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